Archipelo Banner

Archipelo is an MMORPG game heavily inspired of the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. It is currently very early in development but there will soon be some interesting content out for everyone to enjoy!

Features (or soon to be):

Heavily player influenced world

The world of Archipelo will be filled with areas where players can start a town. In these towns they can build houses, shops and many other things. We also have plans to have player edited dungeons around the game world that players can do as side-quests!

Puzzles and Adventure

Being heavily inspired of the Legend of Zelda, Archipelo will be filled with challenging item based puzzles as well as a huge world full of adventure to explore. Players will travel around in their customized ships from island-to-island seeking the best adventures possible

Free with constant updates

Archipelo will always be free-to-play and not pay-to-win. All purchasables in the game will either be cosmetic or time saving. Updates will be released regularily adding a lots of new features and content.

We hope to see you there when the game comes out into alpha!

Cost: Free!
Status: In Development
Latest Version: v0.1
Developers: Nathanael Maher, Gabriel Charlebois, Wayne Irwin, Ryan Wills, Landon Grant & Deniz Abdurrahman