Alpha Release Meetup

Lots of important information on the alpha release status and what we will do.

This week the Archipelo team met up to discuss the future of the game and the many possibilities for what's to come. We also got to try out the game with 6 players online and we found a lot of bugs so now I have a good list to work on :P. In this post, I won't go into many details about specific ideas since we want to keep those a bit of a surprise but I wanted to discuss how we will most likely go about releasing the game.

It won't be like before

In the previous life of Archipelo, I would release an update whenever possible for you guys. However, the game was very incomplete and there wasn't much to do. In the Android marketplace, this is usually an okay thing to do. Many games do this and find great success, but that is not really true for the PC market.

When we release Archipelo, we want it to be a real release. We want people who join the game for the first time it is out to find real value in the game, something fun to do and something to com back to. We would like to have all of the game's basic mechanics implemented such as boat travel, dungeons with bosses, puzzles, etc.

Doing this would require much more time so the update will not be out very soon unfortunately. We are considering actually going back to our original idea of making a Kickstarter campaign. In it we will have some early access passes so you guys will be able to play the game in our extended alpha and our beta stage. Specific details about this are not yet decided but that is what we are leaning towards.

So when will it be out?

It's very hard to say, but it could take quite a long time. Many of you were expecting an update very soon, since I hinted at it, but we are changing plans a bit. I apologize for that. I would prefer not to give a specific time frame but I can assure you that the Kickstarter will be out as soon as we feel we have enough content to show off in a Kickstarter. The earlier we get the Kickstarter done, the earlier the game will come out.

But WHY!?

Looking at examples of other games who have simply released an unfinished game, it is clearly not a good idea if we want to have any real success. Games such as No Man's Sky have completely ruined their launch this way and many speculate that waiting an extra 3 months for the next update would have saved them for the most part. Other games that are more like ours such as Blue Saga seem to have okay success but I personally believe would have been much bigger with a big launch, especially if it launched on Steam. There are examples of games doing this well on Android such as Rucoy Online who have found fairly good success, but Archipelo is not a mobile game only, it is also a PC game.


Releasing Archipelo much later would allow us to have much better success with the game and we hope you understand that. I will continue to release as many DevLogs as possible to keep you updated. Please be patient though, since it will be worth it. We have a great game planned for everyone and we want to do it right so as many people as possible can experience it. Thanks for reading!