Archipelo Is Canceled

Archipelo is officially canceled. Read for more details.

Archipelo has been canceled. There is not one particular reason why, but rather a combination of a few.

Return on Investment

Archipelo is a very ambitious project with a large scope. The amount of invested time required to complete it vs. the potential payoff (if any) is very high. Getting even a small team to spend enough time on a project like this is very difficult, unless the aim of the project is purely to practice or learn. However, the chance of getting any other return on it is very low. It would be much easier to work on other, smaller projects, with a much higher return on investment. Most team members also felt this way, which is why development was moving so slowly overall. We all had school, other projects, work, etc that were a higher priority.

Why I left the project

I may follow this up on my personal blog, as some sort of post mortem, but basically, my priorities changed. In the past year, I have build a modest career for myself that I am proud of. I also have other projects that I would like to pursue during my last year as a student. If I spent another year on Archipelo, I would have no guarantees that we would really get anywhere, or even release by then. For me personally, it is safest to just leave this project. I really enjoyed programming the game's engine. I learnt a lot along the way and was able to make something that even helped me in the real world. But that is where it will end for me personally.

What will happen to all that code?

I plan on making the game's source public, but for personal reasons. I would be willing to accept forks of the project if you are interested, however, I have no interest in fixing the outstanding issues with the game its engine:

  • Tight coupling to the Hollowbit login and server list server
  • Many bugs that still need to be resolved
  • Assets that do not belong to me will need to be removed (unless the other team members are okay with making them open source)


We are sorry that the project had to end so abruptly. We just didn't want to keep you waiting for nothing. If you wish to keep following me, please stay subscribed to the HollowBit YouTube Channel and check out my personal blog. Thank you everyone for your continued support, it was a fun trip to take with you. Take care!