Summer 2017 Live Stream Schedule

Basic schedule for when Archipelo development live streams will be during the summer of 2017.

Here is the planned* live streaming schedule for the summer of 2017:

Monday 9AM - 12PM EST
Tuesday 1PM - 4PM EST
Wednesday 1PM - 4PM EST
Thursday 9AM - 12PM EST
Friday No Stream
Saturday No Stream
Sunday No Stream

During the live streams, we will either work on Archipelo, work on the Archipelo Editor, do podcasts, work on future tutorial episodes and maybe even do game jams.

This schedule will take effect starting Monday, May 15th and will end some time in late August.

We hope you guys will enjoy them!

*These are the planned times that we will be live streaming. These streams may start late, end early, or get canceled. If we need to make a permanent adjustment to the live stream schedule, we will edit this page with the corrected times.